Next Meet:

We'll be back…

Meetups in pubs feel a bit tenuous at the moment, especially given the new rule of 6 and the fact that we never know who's going to turn up until they turn up. So, for now, I think we're on hold. Hope to see you all soon!

WitneyMeets is a friendly, informal meetup group for anyone working in (or interested in) creative, web and technical industries. We meet monthly for a chat and a beer.

Can I come?

Yes, you can!

WitneyMeets is primarily for anyone working in the web/design/tech arena in and around West Oxfordshire, but we're not exclusive, there aren't any entry requirements.

If you're interested in joining us then please do come along to the next meet and say hi!

How does it work?

We meet up monthly (usually on the last Thursday of the month) in one of Witney's fine public houses for a couple of drinks and a chat. That's about it — there's no agenda. We hate the word “networking” — you'll find no name badges here!

Sign up above and you'll receive emails whenever we arrange a new meetup.

Didn't this used to be called “Witney Freelancers Meetup” ?

Yes, it did. However it didn't really fit in with what the group has become. Whether you're a freelancer or not is irrelevant, some people who come along are, others aren't.

Also it was a bit long-winded!

For more info follow @witneymeets on Twitter. Website by Ed at Blucube.